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    30 Day Trial


    I am writting a program in MFC. I was needing to know how do I make it so the program stops working after 30 days?

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    There's no one way to do it.. there are many ways I can think of. How about, create a CTime variable, Call CTime::GetDay and record it in a file in the windows directory or the registry IF the file or key doesn't already exist. If it does exist, call CTime::GetDay and compare it to the value in the file.
    Refer to MSDN: for description and uses of CTime

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    I've done something like this before. I just learned how to read/write from/to Windows™ registry. I just kept the day information in a registry key.


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    Registry keys can be read and altered. Use names that seem unconnected with your program, and use just numbers, not obvious date/times. Another popular trick is to store the information in a file and call the file something annoymous.dll and stick it in the Windows directory.

    There are ways around most of the simple methods.
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