I know there are several projects that have created POSIX compatible libraries to ease porting programs to Windows. Some examples are the Cygwin and Midipix libraries. Uwin code from AT&T is now available at github. gnuwin32 is an older project with a port of glibc. There are also Windows libraries for dlfcn and mman. Even though there are several other libraries available, I've been working on my own to help when porting FLOSS projects to Windows. Would like to know if anyone else is interested in POSIX compatibility functions on Windows. Would love to compare notes or share ideas on writing POSIX compatibility code and libraries. I already have several small libraries I've written including one that provides pthreads and C11 thread support for Windows programs using MinGW, a few that provide string and time functions to match what's found on BSD and Linux systems, etc. Would be nice to brainstorm ideas on creating POSIX compatible functions and libraries for Windows with other C developers interested in this.