Thread: is it easy to add a gui to existing console apps

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    is it easy to add a gui to existing console apps

    are most gui's written so as to ease addition to existing code? is it a matter of adding a couple more overload funciton or do you have to revamp your entire program? i, of course, don't know anything about this yet, but i'd like to prepare myself if possible?

    also, is there a gui more adaptable to existing either windows or linux model?

    thanks in advance

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    Honestly, adapting the program is up to the original programer's style. While you can always change it regardless, some styles are just easier than others.

    The way I was taught was to keep your presentation and you process seperate. In other words, keep all your output/input (presentation) seperate from what actually does the work (process). That way, you will largely only have to change the presentation part of the program.

    But of course, even if everything is blended together you can still port it, it will just take more work.

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    Oh yeah, your original question

    At first it is difficult to understand exactly what is going on in a Windows app, and it will be tough to port even a simple program, but once you understand what is going on it's not too hard.

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