Hello all. As some of you may know, Windows 10 has shipped with a version of OpenSSH for a while now. This copy of OpenSSH includes ssh-agent as you would hope, but this copy of ssh-agent has some Windows specific changes, specifically how other programs communicate with it. What this means is that programs and libraries need to add explicit support for the Windows ssh-agent.

libssh2 currently does not have support for the Windows ssh-agent, but I am trying to fix that. I have submitted a PR adding support, but it has been held up because the maintainers don't have much Windows coding experience and are a little hesitant to merge the changes. This is understandable and is where you folks come in. I'm asking anyone who feels comfortable with testing or reviewing my code to do. Please leave a message on the PR if you do so.

I'm not really a part of some wider C programming community where it is ok to ask for code reviews like this, hence why I am here. If this is not the right place for this request or you know of a better place, please point me in the right direction.

Thank you in advance!