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    Forms and Reports Application

    Hi Everyone,

    I am creating database in MySql for my app and want to know what application need to be install to configure with my C language for creating forms and reports for my app.

    Please also mention the procedure how to link everything (C,database,forms & reports App) extension, connector etc.

    Many thanks in advance for your kind help.

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    Is this a hobby project where you are free to define the requirements, or a student project where the requirements are set by a teacher, or a work project such that you do have a goal to accomplish, but the precise way to get there can be flexible through consultation with stakeholders?

    I ask because looking at your posts #13, #15, and #18 in your thread on How to connect C with MySql, it looks like you have minimal experience in C programming, and might not have a programming background at all (but I could be wrong, e.g., you might have a background in certain declarative programming languages).

    If this is so, then for a work project you probably should take an entirely different approach, e.g., perhaps you can use existing forms and reporting tools that integrate with MySQL, and avoid writing your own program. This could mean using a paid tool, but the expense would be preferable to having a newbie implement a buggy in-house solution. If this is for a student project, then you might need to talk to your teacher to clarify expectations, e.g., perhaps you do need to program in C, but maybe you don't need your program to display forms and generate reports, but rather you can use external tools to access the database that the C program manipulates. Likewise for a hobby project, though in that case you'll clarify the requirements with yourself rather than a teacher.
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    This is my first project, i did develop many in access with VBA but was little late to know that access have very limited options, most of the functions are the same in C just operators and keys are different.

    What i am developing is my own passion and that could be turn in to a business model later on, so from day one i want to learn with development i know it could cause a problem for people to understand as i am at early stage of programming but that's not my concern.

    So my project will be accounting software development, i know its sounds big in early stage but no use for going small things.

    Hence, i am asking what software compatibility is good for development the form and reports with c language, so that i will learn and work on my project at same time.

    I did develop the database tables, queries with MySql i found mySql is pretty-much same compare to Access sql to create the database.
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    Reporting From Database

    The lowest level interface to relational databases is through ODBC - 'Open Database Connectivity'. It is a procedural interface rather than object oriented. I have to admit few people like it or use it as it is somewhat difficult. Personally, I always liked it because I always saw it as something of a respite from what I perceived as an over reliance on objects and object oriented coding paradigms, with their bloated libraries and so forth.

    One time I did an experiment. I put a clean OEM install on a Windows 2000 machine. Absolutely no 'bells and whistles' are included with that. Then I took a C coded program which used ODBC to create a Microsoft Access database, create a table within the database, write a few records to the table, then dump the table to the console, and I ran it on the new OS install. No part of Access or Microsoft Office was installed on the bare bones OS install. Everything worked perfectly. Basic ODBC functionality is part of every Windows install.

    I'm just mentioning this to point out that if you have a C compiler that will run on Windows, you already have libraries which will allow access to any ODBC compliant RDMS (Relational Database Management System). I've personally used Microsoft's and Mingw's development systems.

    Not saying you would want to go this route, just wanting to point out what you already have will work.

    What I have described above is actually how a State here in the United States which manages millions of acres of forest land does its state wide forest management and reporting using my software.

    Then too, in terms of C++, Microsoft's ADO (ActiveX Data Objects) is another OOP based database access technology. Its use would be possible on any Windows PC with a C or C++ build system - to the best of my knowledge. For most folks it would likely be preferable to ODBC libraries. You had mentioned VBA I think. That is likely what you were using there.

    These technologies I mentioned above can be used with any ODBC compliant database system. That would include MS Access, MS Sql Server, MySql, Oracle, etc.

    While I personally started off as a C coder, and still largely consider myself one, as I use more C manerisms in my C++ code than C++ stuff, I really wouldn't recommend C for high level application work such as report writing. With C++ you have such things a String Classes, Classes in general, and a lot of other facilities for doing things easier than in C. For example, when I taught myself C++ many years ago, I took my ugly C based ODBC procedural code and made an ODBC Class out of it. That really helped.

    Just some thoughts.

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