Thread: CreateFile() and UAC

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    CreateFile() and UAC

    Hello everyone,

    This is my first post so please go easy on me .

    I have just started diving into Win32 programming using the book Windows System Programming by Johnson M. Hart. In chapter 2 he develops three versions of a simple file-copy program. The first version uses the straightforward C standard library approach using fopen() and fwrite(). This works without a hitch.

    The second version uses the Windows API CreateFile() function. This program also works but I only in an elevated command prompt or the program returns a file-not-found error.

    I've read that Windows 7 onwards needs admin privileges to access a file's handle. Assuming this was done for security reasons, it seems like a loophole that standard C library file routines bypass this protection. Granted, this is a very simple example program which doesn't show the full benefit of the Windows API or UAC.

    Am I misunderstanding the role of UAC, or is this actually the way it is supposed to work? And if so, how do the built-in Windows file manipulation utilities get round it?
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    I suppose the first question would be which files were you trying to access?

    Regular files in your "My Documents" folder shouldn't be an issue.

    Trying to mess with C:\Windows\System32 on the other hand....
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    Thanks for the reply! I was trying to copy a plain text file 'foo.txt' that I had created manually using Notepad. I tried to copy this file inside the Visual Studio Debug folder and needed to elevate. I then copied my executable and the text file to a folder on my desktop and tried the same copy command. Again I needed to elevate. Using the standard C library functions no elevation was required.

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