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    Question Help on modifying strings! Please. : - )

    Ok, here I am. I am goin through this Teach Yourself Visual C++ book (for the second time) and I decided I'm going to go further with one of the lessons, a socket application. I want to make it an FTP/IRC application. It connects wonderfully. Heres the problem, I need to be able to recognize commands sent back and forth, but I dont have a clue how to modify strings, for instance, if I want to add m_strMessage to the end of m_strNick. How do I do that? Or determine if /nick is at the beginning of a message. I'm not asking anyone to write a book for me here on the message board, but I would appreciate a point in the right direction (web link, etc..) Thanks.

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    Start with the std libs

    Compare string = strcmp()
    Find 1 string in another = strstr()
    Join strings = strcat()

    Your compiler will most likely offer Unicode safer version sof these too.....look at the documentation

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    so you can make a working irc prog but you cant manage strings? wow im impressed. no really i am

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