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    console -> windows

    i can write console stuff in C++ pretty easily BUT i dont understand windows stuff so here is my question.

    can someone tell me how to place text boxes on the screen and enter info into them, manipulate the data with some function, place the results in another text box on the same screen.

    i'm really just looking for a basic starting point.

    BTW i have Borland Builder 5.

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    You could start with Sunlight's tutorial, (link in the FAQ somewhere), or

    If you are serious about Win32 API programming, you are going to need a book, Petzolds "Programming Windows", 5th edition, or Schildts "Windows NT4 Programming from the Ground Up", are two good ones. If you want to go the MFC route, Jeff Prosises "Programming Windows with MFC", 2nd edition, but I would always advocate learning the API first then going to MFC as and when it becomes necessary.
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