Thread: Using Tab control to change between dialogs

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    Using Tab control to change between dialogs

    I've created a tab control wich I want to use to change between diferent dialogs. When I select a tab I will just show it's corresponding dialog in the tab control's client area.
    But what I can't work out is how to set the correct dialog size:
    I know the size of the tab control so the logical thing to do would be to put that size into the resource script for the dialog. But I don't think the numbers in a resource script correspond to width/height in pixels they all represent dialog units. Dose anyone know what the best thing to do for this creating a gui like this?

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    Use GetClientRect() on the TAB ctrl. GetWindowRect() on the dialog.

    SetWindowPos() to change one of the sizes.

    Better to make one dynamicly (on the fly) rather than use a resource script (if the dialogs are not to complex).
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    Thanx for the help novacain

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