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    Angry Dialog Boxes in Visual C++

    I can't figure out why but I always get the same errors in a simple dialog box application. I followed the instructions exactly in the book. I'm still getting the following errors. Can anyone help? I'm just trying to call a simple dialog box. CBurgers is the class & IDD_BURGERS is the name of the box.

    void CProjectDlg::OnBurgers()

    CBurgers IDD_BURGERS;

    C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\Vc98\Emh\Radio\project\projectDlg.cpp(184) : error C2143: syntax error : missing ';' before 'constant'
    C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\Vc98\Emh\Radio\project\projectDlg.cpp(185) : error C2228: left of '.DoModal' must have class/struct/union type
    Error executing cl.exe.

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    If IDD_BURGERS is a #define in your resource file, which I assume,
    rename your CBurger instance to 'theCBurger' or something.
    IDD_BURGERS is already defined as something else.

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