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    Question .ico (COMPLETE NOOB)

    Hmm.. just started windows programming today... and can't seem to get an ICON to appear in the upper left corner of my window.

    I've made an .ico but it just wont show up...

    can someone tell me what exactly I need to make?
    Do I need a (.rc) file or (.res) file...?

    I tried writing a (.res)

    RES_Icon IMAGE_ICON "icon1.ico"

    and in my code

    wndclassex.hIcon = (HICON)LoadImage hinstance,MAKEINTRESOURCE(RES_Icon),IMAGE_ICON,0,0 ,LR_DEFAULTSIZE);

    and in (.rc)

    #define RES_Icon 101

    if i'm completely off just call me an idiot.... and ill go back and look at some tutorials somewhere...

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    >>wndclassex.hIcon = (HICON)LoadImage hinstance,MAKEINTRESOURCE(RES_Icon),IMAGE_ICON,0,0

    this should be:
    wndclassex.hIcon = LoadIcon(hInstance, MAKEINTRESOURCE(RES_Icon));
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    Talking Thanx

    Thanx, that is exactly what I needed... I got it working now figured out the .rc and .res files etc.. thnx for the help .. much appreciated

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