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    Okay. I have a slight problem, dilemma, quagmire, however you want to put it. I screwed up a little. I have built an entire program and now have no way to fix it because I can't go back and re-connect to the datasource. I forgot to add the datasource to the ODBC database in MS Windows, now I have done that and found that I can't fix it inside the program that I have already done. My question is this: Can I re-connect the old program to the new database and how? or Can I copy all the dialogs from one project workspace to the next and not have them erased from the other project? Example:
    Project1 contains 5 dialogs that aren't connected properly: Dialog1 - 5.
    Project2 contains 1 main dialoge that is connected properly.
    Can I copy Dialog1 - 5 to Project2 and connect them, or do I have to start
    all over again from scratch?
    Thanks for your help in this matter.
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