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    window handles

    How do I find the handle of a window that is currently in use? Is there any way to do this?
    What I want to do is something like the following:

    HWND hWnd;
    hWnd = /* something*/;

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    Go to MSDN and look up FindWindow()

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    I'm trying to get the handle of a dialog box window. Would this function work for that? If so, could you give me a code example of how to use this function? (The stuff at MSDN was confusing). IF not, is there a way to return the handle of a dialog box ?


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    The FindWindow function retrieves the handle to the top-level 
    window whose class name and window name match the specified 
    strings. This function does not search child windows. 
    HWND FindWindow(
        LPCTSTR lpClassName,	// pointer to class name
        LPCTSTR lpWindowName 	// pointer to window name
    Points to a null-terminated string that specifies the class name or 
    is an atom that identifies the class-name string. If this parameter 
    is an atom, it must be a global atom created by a previous call to 
    the GlobalAddAtom function. The atom, a 16-bit value, must be 
    placed in the low-order word of lpClassName; the high-order 
    word must be zero. 
    Points to a null-terminated string that specifies the window name 
    (the window’s title). If this parameter is NULL, all window names 
    Return Values
    If the function succeeds, the return value is the handle to the 
    window that has the specified class name and window name.
    If the function fails, the return value is NULL. To get extended 
    error information, call GetLastError.
    that is what my reference says

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    I think you use GetDlgItem() for dialogs. But that might be control only.

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    but only if the window was created by your app.
    (I am assuming you don't use threads)
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