I will design and implement a property sheet for a small program I am working on. I have access to Jeff Prosise's example from his book. However, he does not explain the process of linking the property sheet and property pages to their cooresponding dialog boxes.

For example, let say I would like a property sheet with two property pages. I am not sure how to go about linking them to the dialog boxs.
The following questions apply to the sample dialog box I mentioned above (property sheet w/ 2 property pages).

1) How many dialog boxes do I have to create using Dialog Editor? Two or three? Is the property sheet alone considered a dialog box and I have to *create an empty dialog box to serve as the property sheet*?

2) For each dialog box, how do I create them such that they are the same sizes? Do I just eyeball their sizes or their sizes will be based on the size of the property sheet (given you have to create a dialog box for the property sheet).

3) Is it possible to use ClassWizard to implement the classes for the property sheet and property pages?