Hi folks, new member here, so I apologize in advance if this isn't the right forum for this question.

I am exploring the options of creating a program that password locks the computer monitor, while leaving the screen transparent. I am aware that paid and freeware programs like this exist, but the freeware programs typically darken the screen and generate a password window in the center. The paid versions are not an option, as I work for a non-profit, and we want a freeware program that we can give to our clients, alongside our outreach programs.

The aim is to develop a program that can trap all keystrokes and mouse activity, and funnel it into a password window, within which a password can be input to deactivate the program. Without any input, the screen would appear normal, and the password window would not be visible.

All mouse activity, clicks, and keystrokes would activate the password window for 10 seconds with no other input, and further input would allow the user to type in their password, then hit enter to deactivate the program. The program could be reactivated with an executable.

Is something like this possible? I am looking to develop it for windows, but I am new to programming and am not sure what steps to take to develop this. Any suggestions, advice, or assistance would be most welcome. Thanks!