Thread: cmd.exe and filepath with spaces

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    cmd.exe and filepath with spaces

    Hello everyone,

    I'm writing a C program which sends a command to cmd.exe.

    I have an executable I need to run and send parameters too. I am trying to make the program more portable, so I am trying to allow spaces to be in the filepath where the executable is located.

    I have successfully solved that issue by enclosing the filepath in quotes. Below is an example of the command I send:

    cmd.exe /c "c:\File path with spaces\executable" -k unlock

    This works great but now an issue arises when I have to send a parameter to this executable which includes empty quotation marks as shown here:

    cmd.exe /c "c:\File path with spaces\executable" -k unlock ""

    This does not work, yet it works when I remove the quotations around the file path, but then the only issue is that there can't be spaces in the file path:

    cmd.exe /c c:\Filepathwithoutspaces\executable -k unlock ""

    Does anyone know why this happens? How can I resolve this?


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    This would be better posted to the Windows programming forum on this site, as it is specific to the Windows O/S.

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    cmd.exe quoting rules - Google Search
    Basically, it's a mess.
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