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    custom dialog shapes

    Is it possible to have custom dialog shapes such as a circle or a triangle?

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    Your best bet would be to use a bitmap that represents the states of your button and blit it. Then when you get a WM_LBUTTONDOWN message check PtInRect (or a series of depending on how complicated your shape is) to see if the mouse was inside your custom shape.

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    You can use Regions to change the shape of any window. For example:

    RECT rc;
    HRGN hrgn=CreateEllipticRgnIndirect(&rc);
    HDC hdc=GetDC(hwnd);
    Shove that chunklet into your WM_CREATE or WM_INITDIALOG and your window or dialog will be round (based on window/dialog dimensions). All Hit-testing for that wnd/dlg will occur only for that region.
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