Thread: VS2010 Properties Window Issue

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    VS2010 Properties Window Issue

    Hi All! Newbee to VC++. I知 using VS2010 Pro. I知 following atutorial (Ring) project in Microsoft Visual C++ book by Stefan Bjonander writtenfor VS2008. It is a C++ MFC Application. My problem is I知 not getting anyproperties in the properties window as described in the tutorial. My initialinstall of VS2010 was for VB.NET but even after loading C++ settings, clickingon the header or source files, I知 getting nothing in the Properties window?Has anyone had this same issue? Is there a fix? Thanks for any help!

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    What exactly property you want to see?

    MS has changed a lot between these 2 version. They changed format of the projects, location of C++ Directories configuration, project dependencies.

    So it would be easier to tell us what you are looking for and we tell you where it is now - or what it was replaced with...
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