Thread: What happened with Vfw32.lib?

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    What happened with Vfw32.lib?


    I am trying to build a source I got, originally written in C++ to make a dll wrapper for video for windows.

    It requires the file Vfw32.lib

    However I have now the 2015 edition of community visual C++, and I can't build this project.

    Where did Vfw32.lib go?
    Has it changed names?

    Is there any simple tutorial and sample code for "video for windows"?

    thanks a lot

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    From a post found with google 64-bit version of VFW32.lib

    VFW32.lib is now renamed to MSVFW32.dll.
    May need to install SDK for Windows to get lib file.

    Tim S.
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    Video For Windows (vfw32.lib) was deprecated a looooooong time ago, and was removed entirely IIRC in 2007. The new way of doing it is with Media Foundation (MF), although DirectShow is still supported even though it too has been deprecated. Personally I am looking towards migrating my technologies to linux once and for all. The only thing giving windows its ability to hold market share against a product that is free was its ease of use and ease of development. Since the former is no longer an issue for end users and the later is becoming less so due to microsoft constantly deprecating API functionality, I don't foresee windows having a foothold much longer (maybe 20 years).

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