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    CD Copy Protection

    How can I copy protect my CD ? I would just like to avoid copying from my CD. The people to whom I am giving the CD only know how to operate the computer and do copy paste. If I am able to stop this that is enough.

    How should I go about doing this? I have experience background in MFC and C/C++ programming.

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    Ok, firstly this should probably be on general discussion, its a waist of time trying to program your own advanced protection system as it will be cracked easily.

    The only cd protection that is currently "uncopiable" is Starforce, but it sooner or later its gonna be cracked .

    Every other common protection can be pretty much cracked, so you may want to reconsider attempting to do this as all it does is delay a copier.

    Anyway if your still interested then look here:

    That tells you how to use dummy sectros, hmm and a "non copiable method" but i dought it will work but try it anyway.

    If the second track has a different CD "mode" than the first then the CD WON'T BE COPIED AT ALL. Tried it on Heroes of Might & Magic 3 and NERO, CDRWin and EasyCD are not able to copy it.
    This gives you an idea of how to go about this, and as you say that your giving it to novice users, you should be able to fix somthing up.

    But make sure you make your program check that its being run of d:\ or whatever drive from WM_CREATE or somthing, by getting the file path with GetModuleFileName() (dunno about the spelling) and then check the first 2 letters, this will prevent copy/paste.

    Hope that helps,
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