Hi, I'm currently making a db application in which i need to print out a whole bunch of quick reports. This is a database for my school so i need to be able to print out 200-300 time table (small school). Obviosly i would liek to do them as one printer item. How would i go about assigning the quick reprt canvas to the printer canvas? If i can't do this is there another solution?
Currently when i assign it to the printer by going quickrep1->PaintTo(Printer->Handle(), 10, 10) ait prints the forms however they have none of the correct information (and are a lot smaller then they are supposed to be ) any solutions would be greatly appreciated
I know how to print a small bit of text. i want to print a quick report in borland c++. meaning a new page with databsase components taht are going to be changed before every new page. And i need them to be in the same printer object meaning QuickRep1-.print is not an option (Unless i can somehow point this to the Printer() function so i can use Printer()->BeginDoc() and Printer()->EndDoc();