Thread: OnTimer on derived CWnd not working.

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    Unhappy OnTimer on derived CWnd not working.

    I began a new AppWizard SDI app, removed the dialog completely (class and all) and derived my own CWnd. I CreateEx() my CWnd in my CWinApp's InitInstance() and set m_pMainWnd to it. Then I returned TRUE from InitInstance() to start the messsage pump. A few things don't work. My WM_TIMER message is not being called, nor will any of my mouse input functions be called. I set my timer like this: SetTimer(1, 2000,NULL). This works if I just use the AppWizzard's SDI Dialog, but it is not suited to my needs.

    Any clues why it doesn't work, or how I can fix it?

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    A little code would be helpful. Are your message maps set correctly?
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