I can considering to add a new feature to a program I am current working on. I will explain briefly on the program.

I am working on a program that is basically a text editor. it looks and feels almost like Notepad.

I want to add a feature similar that includes a split view. The program will operate using two views. The views are split in horizontally. The top view is the original text. So if the user opens a text file that has "Hello MFC," then the program will always display the original text on the top view. The second view located at the bottom is the modified view. I have a feature in the program where, for example, it will seach a text file and capitalize the first letter of a sentence. Once done, I want to display the modified text in the second view.

I would like to know the best approach for something like that with these key feature:

1) separate and unique saves
--- the user can save *both* files separately. the save features on the menu applies to the original text (top view).

What is the best approach to somehow mark what view the user wants to save? I have two ideas.

1) upon save, the program would save whatever view is *active* (cursor).

2) have a second toolbar for the view #2

I am not sure how to implement either of the above. I tried adding a second toolbar, but the program ignores it (I did not see it).