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    Copying info from multiple sources

    In my program I want the user to select three (3) different items from a drop down list. I then want it to show up in a read-only Rich Edit window. The three lists would be as follows: Provider, Attempt or Success, and Procedure. What I want to happen is when they select each one individually, it reads in the rich edit window as
    Provider 1 attempted an Endotracheal tube.
    Provider 1 successfuly placed a Nasotracheal tube.
    . If something happens that more than one is selected, I want it to be able to add it as this:
    Provider 1 successfully placed the nasogastric tube.
    Provider 2 attempted to defibrilate.
    Provider 1 attempted Needle Decompression Thoracostamy.
    . Each time the user completed picking their choices it would read it and move to the next line. If the user had to edit a slection, they would have to start all over again by clearing the rich edit box. Could you please help me figure this out.

    ~Brett Patterson

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    Hmm....and what progress have you made so far.....looks a little too much like homework for my liking......

    If you have a specific query with the code you are using, then by all means post.......but if you want the program written I suggest Rentacoder......

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    That is not even half of the program. Im not asking you to write it. All I need to know is once I have variables for the dropdown selection menus, how can I write them to the Rich Edit control box without erasing what has already been put in from previous entries. Adding text, not replacing it. Here goes: I have 3 dropdown menus. When all 3 have been selected, I will have them push a button and it will add the first line to the Rich Edit Text box. That I can do. How do I ADD lines underneath, specifically, how can I add lines like this [not exact words]:
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    Thanks for your help.

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    What you can do is read what you already have in the rich edit and then combine the two strings in a new string and then print it over what is already in the rich edit.

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    What I have done has created an array called circ[3]. This array will hold all 3 values of the end product. The 3 spots are for 1)Provider 2)Attempt and 3)What. I have this so far:
    I have initialized the strings, but can't figure out how to convert from string to something that the array can hold. I read the tutorial but that was no help. Please help me.

    The actual error code is this:
    error C2679: binary '=' : no operator defined which takes a right-hand 
         operand of type 'class CString' (or there is no acceptable conversion)
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    Create the string you want to add.

    Read your RichText into another string.

    Concatinate the two strings with the + operator.

    Write the result back into your RichTextControl.

    If you have trouble with a step, post your code.

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