i know how to make a static control transparent:
1 - we must use the WM_CTLCOLORSTATIC message;
2 - here we can change the text color and text mode with SetTextColor() and SetBkMode() been TRANSPARENT(readers theres a diference between the SetBkMode() and the backcolor, the SetBkMode() is about text backcolor and not control backcolor);
3 - if we need it transparent, we just return a null HBRUSH:
return (BOOL)GetStockObject(NULL_BRUSH);
4 - for be not transparent we change the backcolor, the solid brush and return it:
                    g_hbrBackground = CreateSolidBrush(inst->clrBackColor);
                    return (LONG)g_hbrBackground;
heres the HBRUSH return variable inside of window procedure and outside of switch case:
HBRUSH g_hbrBackground = NULL;
until here fine, but when i change the text, when is transparent, the older text isn't clean... what i see is 1 text above other. can i avoid these bad effect?