Thread: how to collect the the memory address of day to day work load?

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    how to collect the the memory address of day to day work load?

    Hello i am working on something that requires the memory address of my computers workload.. so any one help me collect the trace files? and please explain to me what trace file as well..

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    The... the what?

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    memory location... like which memory address is being used when i browse the internet or do some word processing?

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    Windows is specifically designed to prevent direct program access to computer memory (the operating system acts as an intermediary between programs and physical resources). There are administrative tools that allow monitoring of system status, including workload, and API functions (assuming the program is executed from an account with sufficient privileges granted by an administrator).

    If the "something" that you are working on requires doing such things without permission of an administrator, you run afoul of para 6 of the forum guidelines, here.
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