Thread: BEGIN and END in Rc File

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    BEGIN and END in Rc File

    Within the resource definition of the resource file, i'm puzzled as to what Begin and End do? Can someone please explain their existence and purpose? Thanks.

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    Doing some poking around, I've not found many resources that use begin/end, but some do, e.g.: STRINGTABLE resource (Windows)

    You can look at all the different types of resource here.

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    I see them used in all my Microsoft's examples on Windows gui's using the Win Api. And they are always generated by Visual Studio in their window application templates. Well, thank you for the response.

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    See also this page, which mentions using BEGIN and END macros

    Tutorial: Using Resources

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    I use Jeremy Gordon's gorc for all my resource compiling.
    The help file included is very comprehensive
    web page: Jeremy Gordon's Go Tools for Win32 and Win64 (assembler, resource compiler, linker, debugger and information)
    direct download:


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