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    Question Dword ?

    What is DWORD and how can i use it in my application?

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    Its a 32bit int but its also unsigned

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    What Fordy said, but to be more specific.

    A bit = 1 bit
    A nibble = 4 bits
    A byte = 8 bits
    A word = 16 bits
    A double word (Dword) = 32 bits or 2 words (thus, double)
    A quad word = 64 bits or 4 words (thus, quad)
    A Double Quad...blah.. blah.. you get the idea.

    None of these definitions include the use of the MSB for twos complement or in C++ terms, like Fordy said, their unsigned.

    What can you use a 64 bit starage variable for?
    1. Counting all the ways their are of calling a binary value a binary value.
    2. Counting the number of propheads like me who actually know a lot of them.

    Put simply, you can use it for any situation where you need a really darn big number or where you want a WHOLE BUNCH of on/off flags for something.
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