Thread: Button diseapers behind a picturebox

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    Button diseapers behind a picturebox

    Hi all,
    Im making a chess game for class everything is fine tell i move my piece. I use a button as a chess piece. (it looks cool) and i move it to a tile. Al my titles are picture boxs. when the button move to new location the button disappears under the picture box. is there a way to set the picture box lower then the button or the button higher. im using 2013 C++ win 32 application.

    thanks for your help

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    You want to set the Z-Order (sometime Z-Index in VB.NET).

    I would set the board to the bottom, rather than all the pieces to the top.

    In WIN32 C++ use SetWindowPos() with HWND_BOTTOM and SWP_NOMOVE | SWP_NOSIZE

    In VB.NET either use SendToBack() on the board control OR use the control collection's SetChildIndex / GetChildIndex to move it to the back (not sure if high is front or low is front so you will have to experiment).
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