Thread: have source code for 32 bit driver, how can I make it to 64-bit? Just recompile?

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    have source code for 32 bit driver, how can I make it to 64-bit? Just recompile?

    Hey all, I have the source code for a [3rd party coded] flight stick that was originally used for PS2. Someone in japan coded a 32-bit driver for the flight stick a long time ago but never released a 64-bit version. He gave out the source code though. Question is, do I just need to recompile in a 64-bit environment for it to become a 64-bit driver, and change the INF file around? Or is there more I would have to do, and if so what more would I have to do to get it to work?

    Attached is the source code, in a zip folder, and once unzipped is a TAR file.

    I'm not asking anyone to do the work for me, I just want to know what the work would entail.
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    You may be better off trying to find a specifically device driver forum somewhere for this question. Device Driver Development is pretty tricky and not a lot of people have much experience with it.

    There might be a stackexchange forum for Windows Drivers and the sysinternals forum (if it's still alive) are fairly good at that stuff I think. A quick google should hopefully turn up something.

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    Windows driver interfaces have changed along with the versions of windows, especially how much stuff is allowed to run at ring 0, where the big change was made during the transition from Windows XP to Windows Vista. In the past, you needed microsoft SDK(software development kit) and DDK (device driver kit), along with two systems to develop a device driver. One system is the "target" system that runs the test device driver, the other is the "host" system, that does the compiles, and runs the debugger interface (via Visual Studio).

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