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    Question Music player software

    I am learning C++ and i am in the middle of the road, I always wanted to create a music player software that runs on windows. It would be a mix of the online radio stations idea and the music player (example: So basically you still having the fun of listening to a radio station where you discover tons of new music and listen to some interesting podcast and yet you have the full control to move to the next song or go back or pause or play or even mark a song as " favorite ". The idea isn't new i know, i just wanted to make a similar idea in a software based. The project will be a local project not international and of course i wouldn't start it now, i will start it whenever i am ready and have enough skills and knowledge, but the thing is i want some few answers and tips, can anyone please answer those questions?
    1- Is C++ good enough to achieve what i seek? (I think the idea will work as the following, the player will stream stations from the host either from a SQL db or a playlist or whatever)
    2- What other knowledge i need to know to make it happen beside C++? (ex: SQL/Linux/etc)
    3- What advises and tips would you give? (like using MAD/FMOD/Etc or any other advise)
    4- atm, i am self learning from that C++ Tutorial « Learn C++ will it be enough? if not any idea where to learn that will give me the needed knowledge?
    I really hope anyone gives me answer asap thanks in advantage.

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    I suggest you just go for it and see what happens. You'll learn a lot (even if you don't quite succeed the first time).
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    You'll need the WinAPI and a solid understanding of the mathematics involved and the audio drivers.
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