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    Wink Setting Text simple

    Is it possible for a program to set the value of a text box in another application?
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    I had asked this before and Fordy told me to use spy++. I never got to it so good luck trying whatever.

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    yes it is possible
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    Yeah, you would have to research spy++. I'm not sure how to do it, I've never needed it. You might want to do a search on, that might come up with something!

    yes it is possible
    That was an absolutely useless post!
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    Spy++ will allow you to find the window that holds the edit (Its name and windows class).........with FindWindow() and FindWindowEx() (this finds child windows from the return of FindWindow()) you can gain a handle to that window and then using SendMessage() you can do loads of fun stuff with it

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    >>That was an absolutely useless post!

    Hey, it answered the question, unlike this absolutely useless post.
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