Thread: State of the MinGW c++ compilers

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    State of the MinGW c++ compilers

    I would appreciate any comments on the state of the MinGW series of c++ compilers.
    I am not a very knowledgeable c++ coder nor do I have a great deal of experience with Windows c++ compilers although I have been using them for a few years in support of my BASIC to c/c++ translator.

    Most compiling is done with batch files not makefiles.

    I started using the MingwTDM distro: TDM-GCC
    It supports both 32/64 with just a -m32 or -m64 command line switch. It is based on the 4.7.1 source and as such is missing some of the c++11 constructs. There is a note from the author on the reason for the delay to 4.8

    I also tried the nuwen distro MinGW Distro - which is based on the official MinGW 4.8.1 sources.
    Both the 32bit 10.4 and the new 64bit 11.2 are missing the c++11 STL convert string to ... additions

    Lastly I discovered the Mingw-64 project:
    MinGW-builds | Free Development software downloads at
    These builds support all of the c++11 additions and I have had good luck with only one gotcha:
    The only way I was able to compile for both 32 and 64 bit was to install both the 32 and 64 bit versions to separate directories.
    It appears both 32/64 are available with each but I got lost trying to provide the paths for the correct lib and include directories?


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