Thread: Help with simple timed image show program

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    Help with simple timed image show program

    Sorry to bother you great people but i need some help.
    I have looked everywhere for days now and cant find what im looking for.
    I am after a program to basically start when windows starts and shows an image (logo) and for a certain time till a program starts and has fully loaded so noone sees the desktop.
    I have looked at shelling but it still shows the intro screen of the software.

    The app / program will basically have 3 functions,perhaps have a file in a folder called pic.jpg which the program looks for, i can add a time in seconds to a ini file and the program should always be ontop and not let any other program show in front of hit.
    Im thinking this should be a simple thing to do if someone could assist.

    thanks in advance

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    thanks for the reply. im not a coder so dont really know how to make the files to an application like i was after.

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