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    Using timers

    I'm using SetTimer() to initialize my timer and it all works fine. However, I would like to know a way of halting the flow of code until my timer has finished so that nothing happens till my timer stuff is done i.e. when I kill the timer. Any ideas?

    thanks in advance

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    Don't understand.

    When you call SetTimer() you are requesting Windows to send you a WM_TIMER message when the timer expires, if you don't want to do anything until that happens, when you set the timer, set a flag, and ignore all messages until the WM_TIMER message comes in, when you can reset the flag.
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    Sorry, I've just figured it out. I didn't quite get the whole timer concept really!

    I basically wanted to animate cards being dealt until they were all dealt and I didn't want anything happening in the mean time.

    I've now used GetTickCount in a while() loop and it seems to working.

    Thanks anyway!


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