Thread: What is the MIDI documentation for C in Windows 7?

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    What is the MIDI documentation for C in Windows 7?

    I've tried to find any factual information I could on google, and
    most of the ones they used weren't even close to ANSI C. Even the ones I tried claiming to be for windows failed with my compilier (Therefore, I came here). It would help me if anyone could point out some good documentation on it for windows that is still accurate and will at least work on the full Code::Blocks compilier on a Windows 7 conmputer.

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    I don't know what you tried searching for, nor am I a Windows programmer, but a Google search for "windows 7 midi api" gave this SO thread as the first result: winapi - Is there a new Midi API for Windows Vista/7/8? - Stack Overflow. It looks like it has some good info, and it says legacy MIDI stuff still works in 7.

    By the way, in case you didn't know, here is what an API is: Adding "API" to your searches often gets rid of a lot of cruft.

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