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    Windows Internals book

    I'm not sure whether I'm posting it in the right forum. My question is about the Windows Internals book. I'm trying to determine which edition I should buy.

    Each new edition is updated to cover a new version of Windows (4th edition focuses on Windows XP, 5th edition focuses on Windows Vista and 6th edition focuses on Windows 7). Are the changes from one edition to the other only incremental, or is material related to older versions of Windows deleted?

    If I buy the 6th edition, will the theory and hands-on experiments in this edition be valid for understanding Windows XP? If I want to understand Windows XP and Windows 7, do I have to buy two different editions?

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    I think that pretty much they only cover the OS they state they cover. Old information is removed, I believe, to stop people trying to use it in newer programs.

    So really you're probably looking at two copies of different versions but, to be honest, I'd question why you think you need that particular book. Or why you can't just buy one version and extrapolate the information to cover the other OS using MSDN and similar.

    To be honest, I've never bought a book on Windows programming specifically. Sure, I've never written a device driver or anything deeply internal, but I don't see the need for something that's available as API listings and tutorials all over the Internet that will have more information than any one book could ever give you.

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