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    OpenFile API

    My question :

    Program 1 opens a file with the OpenFile API:
    OpenFile("c:\\test.txt",&TestOF, ... );

    Now i was wondering how i could (re)open the same file
    in another program with the OpenFile API:
    OpenFile("c:\\test.txt",&TestOF2,OF_REOPEN|OF_READ WRITE);
    (TestOF2 should be pointing to TestOF)

    If i use OF_REOPEN|OF_READWRITE attributes i have to know the address where
    program 1 stored the TestOF variable.
    Cause i need to use that if i want to reopen it.
    Somebody got a clue?
    thx in advance

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    If you wanted to tell the other program the address of the struct, you could make TestOF a global pointer, sending it as a WPARAM or LPARAM in a custom window message that would be sent to program two. FindWindow() would be used to fetch program two's window. I was originally going to suggest using pipes, but the same problem arises as you have to set up some way for the reading program to obtain the read-only handle, but that's a different challenge.
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