Thread: Opening files in windows 7&8

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    Opening files in windows 7&8


    After I upgraded my development machine and test machine to windows 7 and 8, my programs open a window (cancel, retry or ignore) when a file or disk is not found:

    FILE *fOut = fopen(.......
    if (fOut == NULL) {
    It looks that Windows pops up the retry windows before the 'if' command, and this is very annoiyed. Is there any way to say windows to work as it did in previous versions? are more people having this problem or am I the only rare person having this issue?

    P.S.: It happens to me also that signal() is not cathing crashes as in windows XP or Vista, now a window appear to notify the user about it. My signal-dedicated function does not work any longer. the same to you?

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    Are you opening for read or for write or read/write?

    I have code on Windows 7 that fopens with read permissions to check the existence of files, and I see no messages except those that my program generates. But if you're trying to open for write a file that doesn't exist or on a drive that isn't connected, yeah that might pop something up.

    I don't know about signal(), I don't use it. But it sounds more like you're not compiling with the right options more than anything else. Maybe you haven't include'd windows.h or something correctly?

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    1): `SetErrorMode'

    2): You'd have to post an example of it not working.


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