Thread: How to kill focus of MFC Wizard buttons

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    How to kill focus of MFC Wizard buttons

    I'm developing a MFC wizard base application. When the application load, it automatically focus to thecancel button. If the user press enter key, then the application exit unexpectedly. Then I set the focus to a text box appear in the inner dialog using cedit.setFocus(). but when I type using keyboard it focus the text field, but If I press enter still focus to cancel button.
    In simply is there anyway to set and kill focus of the MFC wizard buttons

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    Sounds like your CANCEL button has the BS_DEFPUSHBUTTON style.

    This means that when the user clicks ENTER the button will get a BN_CLICKED msg, even if it does not have focus.

    Try removing the BS_DEFPUSHBUTTON.


    For an EDIT control to get ENTER key messages it needs both the ES_WANTRETURN and ES_MULTILINE styles (if I recall the styles names correctly...)
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