Thread: Understanding The Future of MFC

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    Understanding The Future of MFC


    I had an interesting conversation with a programming (C++, Java, and soon, C#) professor at my college.


    I am current practicing design and implementation using MFC. I am proficient with C++ and is gaining considerable experience with MFC.


    I asked the professor if she teaches MFC in one of the upper-division programming courses I am planning to take next semester or the following semester. It is basically a couse on OOP C++, which I understand well now. I asked her if he teaches MFC. She says yes. However, I asked her aid who has taken that same course with her just an hour earlier, but he said there was no courses on MFC. The course that the professor teaches is more on OOP C++ concept.

    Anyways, she went on to say that C# really interests her. So the conversation went on, but there was one thing that caught my attention. She said she *heard* that Microsoft is planning to *not support* MFC in the near future. What?

    What is the future of MFC? Is C# affecting it at all?

    I think C++ w/ MFC (or Win32 API) is the most powerful Windows programming tool.


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    The way I see it, there isn't as *much* of a need for MFC with C#, the language is based around Win32, therefore creating windows and such isn't as redundant as it is in C++.. then again, I could be wrong.

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    Someones got to fix all those MFC app's in the future.
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