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    Why VC?

    Hi Everybody,

    I have spent 6 to 8 months in learning VC6.0 even then i don't feel myself to be an expert in VC, On the other hand i have started learning Visual Basic its very easy to learn and simple to work. so i want to know that why we are getting crazy in learning VC? Is it not the wastage of time and energy?

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    Is it not the wastage of time and energy?
    That depends on the project. At work we use VB about 90% of the time and C++ the other 10%. This is because most of what we develop/maintain are data-warehousing/management systems (payroll, accounting, ship's management, etc.). VB is perfectly suited for these types of apps.

    If we were writing something that is going to be a multimedia app (say for instance a game) VB wouldn't offer the same power and speed that C++ does.

    In the end I'm happy to develop in both. It makes me more valuable to my employer (especially since I'm the only one on the team who knows any C++).

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