Thread: MFC MDI Doc/View Architecture Question

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    MFC MDI Doc/View Architecture Question

    I have a 2012 MSVC++ MFC MDI application which uses a PropertiesWnd.cpp file. It is generated by the wizard when I create the MFC application and ask for it.

    It is a class CPropertiesToolBar : public CMFCToolBar. It uses a CMFCPropertyGridProperty
    control to display propertys info of whatever I choose to define.

    My question isÖ
    How do I access CMFCPropertyGridProperty inside PropertiesWnd.cpp correctly to set the values of the CMFCPropertyGridProperty from another class in another file in scope ?

    Would I do something like this Ö
    // in my header use
    CMainFrame * pMainWnd;
    pMainWnd = (CMainFrame *)AfxGetMainWnd();

    //Then where I want to do something
    CString * myString;
    myString->Append("My New Data");

    DWORD_PTR dwData;
    dwData = (DWORD_PTR)myString;

    // Iím doing this from a utility class member, I must update the properties
    // based on the mouse selections of the user

    Or should I use some kind of message mapping ?

    What is the best/correct way to do this ? Iíve looked everywhere and canít find an example of updating the CMFCPropertyGridProperty from another class.


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    Ok, I need to use the messaging system. I found an article that said messages should be used in many cases
    because of the Architecture. However, I can't find an example that will work with MSVC 2012. The ones I'm finding are old and will not compile.

    Does anyone know of a modern tutorial that shows how to use user defined messages? I also cant find anything in the samples.

    Thanks for any help,

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