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    USB DLL API Interface

    hello everyone,
    I have a piece of hardware called DLP Discovery 4000. Its used for projection of images. It can be programmed by the user. In the hardware's programming guide it has a list of functions in the DLL API interface that can be used to control it. The guide says that these functions can be called through C++/C.
    I want to be able to use those functions in a C++ program that I want to write to control the board. But so far I am struggling with exactly how to use the DLL API.
    It comes with a software which I installed. The software has a GUI which has limited functions. In addition the software puts a file named D4000_usb.dll in the windows directory. How do I use this .dll file.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Perhaps these will help.
    How & where to add third party dlls?
    How do I use a third party dll in Visual Studio C++? - Stack Overflow

    As well as the DLL, you should also have a .h file describing the API implemented by the DLL.
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    Hello Salem,
    I looked in the folder where the .DLL file was for a .h file I could not find it. I ran a search on the C drive no file with .h pertaining to the DLL file I am working with.

    The programmer's guide that comes with the hardware says that another way that it can be controlled is through active X controls. I didnot look into controlling the hardware this way because the tech support people for the hardware(not very helful) told me it would be easier to control it through the DLL. What do you think about using the active X Vs DLL?

    FYI there are two files with .OCX and .tlb files included which Im guessing is to use with the Active X control.

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