Thread: IDE or compilier to develop c program in windows

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    IDE or compilier to develop c program in windows

    I have a question about developing a c program. I wrote my program in linux machine using emacs. Now, I have to make it works on windows machine(xp). I know I probably can rewrite the whole thing to have the binary for the user to use. I am not sure about this idea. Can anyone enlighten me?

    I thought about using Visual studio and VC++2008. Can they generate an executable format for win32? Is there any other easier way to do this? Is binary same as the executable.


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    What header files did you include?

    If all you have are things specified by the standard, such as stdio.h, then you just copy the source file to the windows machine, grab a compiler (such as visual studio), compile and run.

    That's it!
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