Thread: FWPM_LAYER_INBOUND | OUTBOUND_IPPACKET_V4 capture all packet in WFP ?

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    Question FWPM_LAYER_INBOUND | OUTBOUND_IPPACKET_V4 capture all packet in WFP ?

    Hi guys
    I have read
    Filtering Layer Identifiers
    Filtering Conditions Available at Each Filtering Layer
    Data Offset Positions (Windows Drivers)
    How to get sourceInterfaceIndex at FWPM_LAYER_INBOUND_IPPACKET_V4
    WFP: Layer and filter conditions to capture all packets?
    WFP: Layer and filter conditions to capture all packets?

    Appears in the WDK version 8.0, they have not found, so you can give me some hints to solve this problem.
    More, as well as answers to people if you have questions about this

    I try capture all packet . you can see and get me point the mistakes or lack , i need changed and addition

    void Capture_Packet()
        UINT32                status          = NO_ERROR;
        UINT32    count_packet = 0;
        unsigned long     ip_src, ip_des;
        HANDLE                engineHandle    = 0;
        FWPM_FILTER           filter          = {0};
        FWPM_FILTER_CONDITION filterCondition = {0};
        status = FwpmEngineOpen(0,RPC_C_AUTHN_WINNT, 0,0,&engineHandle);
        if(status != NO_ERROR)
            goto EXIT;
       = L"Capture packet";
        filter.layerKey            = FWPM_LAYER_INBOUND_IPPACKET_V4;
        //filter.layerKey            = FWPM_LAYER_OUTBOUND_IPPACKET_V4;
        filter.action.type         = FWP_ACTION_PERMIT;
        filter.weight.type        = FWP_EMPTY;
        filter.filterCondition     = &filterCondition;
        filter.numFilterConditions = 0;   // 0 capture all packet  
        //filterCondition.fieldKey = FWPM_CONDITION_ALE_PROMISCUOUS_MODE;
        //filterCondition.conditionValue.type   = FWP_UINT32 ;
        //filterCondition.conditionValue.uint8 = ???
        status = FwpmFilterAdd(engineHandle,&filter,0,&(filter.filterId));
        if(status != NO_ERROR)
            goto EXIT;
        // in this case : network LAN using Proxy-Server or Web-Proxy 
        // filter engine at Server ( LAN++++++Server++++++Internet )
        //capture all packet in LAN before the packet processing and forwarding to Proxy.
        for (UINT32 i=0 ; i < count_packet ; i++)
            //    printf("Packet : %d  from IP source : %s  to IP destination : %s    \n" ,i, inet_toa(ip_src) ????,inet_toa(ip_des) ????);
    But it`s not working . i`m use Vs 2012 , WDK 8.0
    Thank you so much.

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