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    help with using dll

    I'm not a c++ programmerbut need to change a c++ source.
    I need to use a function of coredll.dll.
    But I do not know how to access this dll.

    Please post a newbie code as well, I'm looking for some time and can not find.
    I believe it is simple, but as I do not know c++ I'm lost.


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    1) Googling for that DLL actually hits upon several forums with code where people have loaded that DLL (Windows phone development by any chance?)
    2) Googling for how to use a DLL in C++ will give you a million examples (hint for the terminally Google-phobic: "linking to a DLL", or in the worst case: dlopen/LoadLibrary, dlsym/GetProcAddress).
    3) I seriously doubt that you'll be able use that DLL for anything, given that it appears to be a core Windows DLL for mobile versions of Windows and you can't work out how to link it.
    4) If you "looked for some time" and can't find things that are this simple, you won't get much further once you do figure out how to do it. This is literally the "opening the box" stage on C programming and has almost nothing to do with knowing the language or not.

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