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    RPC programming with Microsoft C

    I have an old CTI (compouter-telephony integration) call "CTConnect" from "dialogic" that came with oracle siebel crm application to have call recognition. This application now owns to Syntellect.
    The CTI has a server application runs on a windows 2000 server that connects with our PBX call center and a client application installed on agent's pc.
    The documentation says that we can made our client application to make calls (power dialing) or to have call recognition (and many other functionalities such as call forwarding) from a client pc.
    For this reason documentation documented many C functions reside in a .dll that we have to register it first.
    Ok until here... the installation of CTConnect client also has a call recognition example in Microsoft C and use:
    1. RPC to make client's requests to server
    2. Multithreading so the program do not hang when standby until next ingoing call

    Ok... I am totally irrelevant with rpc and I did not find any rpc resources in the internet that are like the example.. They talk about strange things like stubs and interface compilers but the example uses rpc header...

    Can anyone tell me how this functionality can I use it in my vb6 program? I need to make calls from my vb6 program..

    I attached the example...and the documentation is here

    Thanks a lot...
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    To be fair, you're going to have a job getting someone on a C board to analyze the proprietary interface that you need to work with and then find a way for it to work in VB6. Sounds awfully like paid work to me.

    But before I get too shirty, a question:-

    Does the .dll have a type library associated with it? This may be a .tlb file with the same name, or it may be embedded inside the .dll and registered with the system during software installation. If VB6 is installed on the same machine, try looking for the type library in there.

    The reason I ask this is because this kind of application might have COM interfaces that you're not aware of. Visual Basic can work with these quite easily.

    As long as the ctcAssign, etc. functions are defined as using the stdcall convention, you should be able to declare them in VB6 in much the same way as Win32 API functions.

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