Thread: Setting Up NTL C++ library for Code::Blocks

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    Setting Up NTL C++ library for Code::Blocks

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    I am new to C++. I have unzipped Victor Shoup's NTL C++ number theory library, but I am not sure what the best directory in which to store it, so that Code::Blocks recognizes the .h files (or whichever files it needs to recognize in order to use NTL library functions).

    How do I set up the NTL library so that Code::Blocks recognizes it?

    From searching the forums, I see that I can open Settings > "Compiler and debugger settings" to get a dialogue window that allows me to add paths to the unzipped folders "include" subfolder in the compiler and linker's search directories tab.

    I did this, then when I went to F9 some .cpp scripts in the unzipped folder's "test" subfolder (as suggested on Shoup's installation page), I received various errors that the compiler could not find the files referenced inthe #include line.

    I am running Windows XP--it is a dinosaur, I know.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know if I am leaving out important information. Also, please forgive my ignorance on these matters.

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    You'll almost certainly have better luck getting help with environment specific facilities at forums that specifically target that environment.

    We are a pretty diverse bunch here; most of us don't seem to use "CodeBlocks".

    Try reading the documentation for "CodeBlocks" or searching for more tutorials adding library paths and include paths to your setup.


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