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    Virtual controls


    Just wondering if virtual control is possible for something like (mfc) CEdit control? ie same thing as virtual list control, except an edit (or similar, combobox edit?) control.

    I'm looking for a way to handle a lot of continuous data but only displaying/loading what the user sees, & not loading the whole data itself into an edit control which is what I'm doing currently.

    I'm wondering if somehow gerry-rigging a virtual list behind edit control would work.

    Any suggestions (or code even) would be great!

    Thanks in advance

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    You can use ListView for more functionality than what ListBox offers. As to the data caching scheme that is more an exercise of efficiency in your program and not of the control itself. The control displays data and nothing more. It should do nothing more. If you want to build a custom control specifically tailored to your needs then you can add as much functionality to it as you want...with the mindset that the more you tailor the control to your needs on one specific window or form its reuse across windows and forms will suffer. A custom control is needed if you want to use the control across windows and forms and need custom behavior combined with custom display. However this type of control must be quite generic to be used in multiple places in your app and possibly other apps and thus its 'client friendliness' might suffer a bit.
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